We are the loners, the geeks, the burn-outs, the outcasts, the tatted-up-make-out-with-your-dad-then-maybe-your-mom queer boy and queer girl dropouts.

We are the freaks, the ones who walk the earth alone, the ones society doesn’t understand, the ones who simply can’t subscribe to your ideals.

We are the addicted, the nameless, the lost travelers from the sunken pirate ship, the ones who reject the ideals of your white collar lifestyle.

We are the dreamers, the creatives, the ones who give the world our soul through art, design, skateboarding, human rights, progressive movements and progressive waves. Chill vibes and still waters run deep.

Looking for sponsorship opportunities? Know indie artists or dope political changers who deserve a shout out? Hashtag your work with #imsodopeitsaddictive and #waronfakethreads, and tag us at @dope__minds. We’re watching, looking, and ready to grow together as a family.

#imsodopeitsaddictive #waronfakethreads